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Gear indicator universal

Electronic gear display with freely selectable background color via touchscreen

The digital gear display not only informs about the gear currently engaged when things are going fast - the annoying search for 7th gear on tours is no longer necessary - who hasn't this happened yet?

The on-board data of the speedometer and rev counter are evaluated to display the currently engaged gear.

The following functions are integrated:

  • The currently engaged gear is shown on the large LCD display
  • Can be used on almost every motorcycle with an electronic speedometer and rev counter
  • Display of up to 7 gear steps possible
  • Six different background colors can be easily selected using the touchscreen
  • easy to assemble, only four cables have to be connected
  • waterproof and only approx. 36 x 27 x 15 mm in size
  • all assembly parts and a German manual are included

The very light display can be easily attached to the series instruments or anywhere in the cockpit using the Velcro strip supplied.

Only four cables need to be connected:

  • plus and minus
  • a cable for the tachometer signal
  • a cable for the speedometer signal

The corresponding cable colors are specified in the instructions for each vehicle.


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