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MotoSafe / Race hearing protection

Motosafe Race, strong attenuation 20db, for racing, high-speed autobahns and for open helmets

Now even more relaxed motorcycling! With the Alpine MotoSafe earplugs, this unpleasant whistling sound in the ears after a long journey is a thing of the past. The earplugs effectively prevent hearing damage and fatigue caused by wind noise. Thanks to the durable, flexible and silicone-free AlpineThermoShape material, the MotoSafe earplugs adapt perfectly to the ear canal through body heat. As a result, they sit very comfortably under the helmet and there is no itching or sweating.

Product features:
- prevents hearing damage and fatigue caused by wind noise
- no feeling of isolation
- Traffic and the communication system remain clearly audible
- the only motorcycle plugs with soft filters
- Perfect fit thanks to the AlpineThermoShape material
- Soft material without silicone
- Including a practical storage bag
- Reusable

MotoSafe / Race hearing protection

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