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- including microfiber cloth
- cleans, polishes & seals
- for almost any smooth surface
- cleans without water

With the revolutionary dry cleaner from GentleMonkeys, dirt and dust are gently picked up with the wet cloth. The surfaces such as paint are not damaged in this way. Also removes stubborn dirt. Almost all smooth surfaces of leather, synthetic leather, plastic, rubber, lacquer, chrome, glass and much more. can be cleaned quickly and efficiently and protected over the long term.

Clean and care for your vehicle, no matter where, without water and with just one product.

By gently applying (without pressure & in linear movements) the emulsion of the wet wipes to the surface to be cleaned, dust and dirt particles are first loosened and coated with a protective layer.
At the same time, the surface to be cleaned is protected by special contents of the emulsion. A double shell is created between the surface and the dirt. The dirt is then gently removed with the specially designed microfiber cloth. By polishing up the surfaces (with the clean side of the microfiber cloth) you give your vehicle an enormous shine.
The special formulation of the wet wipes leaves a wafer-thin layer of polymer. In connection with oxygen this hardens and protects the treated surface sustainably against environmental influences such as UV rays, water or the like.


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