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Why is accident insurance important?

After an accident, the health insurance covers the costs of healing and rehab.

If the body retains a disability after completing the medical treatment, everyday life can present you with completely new challenges. A staircase that can no longer be climbed, the stove that can no longer be operated, the high cupboard that can no longer be reached.

You may no longer be allowed to drive a car and the employer will terminate your employment. In this first phase of realignment, many things are changed.

In most cases this costs money (bridging unemployment, remodeling the house, paying domestic help, etc.).

This money provides accident insurance.

The accident insurance pays out if, after an accident, a

permanent impairment of the body or mind remains.

A normal, private accident insurance can refuse the benefit if it is an accident on the racetrack.

With us you can take out daily accident insurance for every event, which covers the motorsport risk (“achieving the

Maximum speed ").

The insurance costs 15.00 euros per day and includes a maximum disability benefit of 112,500 euros (with 100% disability), the deductible is 25%. This means that the insurance only pays out from a disability of 25%. A death benefit of 15,500 euros is also insured.

How can I get insured? You can simply book the accident insurance when you register.


The daily accident insurance does not cover the cuts in wages that may result from an accident on the racetrack!

Day accident insurance

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