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Paddy's Races Days SAM Club

The Swiss Car and Motorcyclist Association (SAM) was founded in Weinfelden TG in 1927 under the name East Swiss Motorcyclist Association (OMV). The purpose of the SAM is to unite motorized road users into an organized association.


The SAM is around 50 sections  with around 5,000 members, it publishes its official association organ MOTOR JOURNAL, which appears 12 times a year, and issues the customs document “Carnet de Passages”. Its purpose is to set up and add other sections (including brand clubs) / Paddys Races Days has its own section for motorsport enthusiasts.


The Paddys-Races-Days association performs in combination with SAM its members diverse Service Fees, as for: domestic breakdown assistance, breakdown assistance abroad (for a fee), legal information, damage caused by wild animals and martens, subsidies for safety courses and protective helmets, advertising bonuses for each newly recruited member. In addition, the SAM can be used in cooperation with various partner companies special offers for its members offer.

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RACCIDENT INSURANCE  (risk insurance for TrackDays)

With the support of its partner solution+benefit, SAM has managed to conclude an ideal collective license insurance for motorsport enthusiasts. In addition to a lump-sum death benefit of CHF 10,000, every SAM license includes an addendum that not all of them already havecovered reductions in daily allowances and disability pensions by taking a risk, up to a maximum of CHF 250,000. This means,This risk insurance always steps in if there is no other coverage for the assumption of benefit reductions in daily allowances and disability pensions (e.g. UVG supplementary insurance). 

Unfortunately, when it comes to accidents, it is often found that many high-risk athletes do not have adequate insurance in the event of an accident. Race track events that insurance companies classify as absolute risks. According to Art. 39 UVG and Art. 50 UVV  in the case of non-occupational accidents that are the result of a risk, the cash benefits (e.g. daily allowances) are reduced by half and, in particularly serious cases, are even refused.  

^Now every driver gets the all-round carefree package with his SAM license and is thus automatically insured. For a fraction of the usual costs, possible reductions due to risky daily allowances and disability pensions are now covered up to a maximum of CHF 250,000. 


Further information

General Insurance Conditions (AVB) (PDF)

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Day accident insurance

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