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Scope of delivery:

  • Central stand (3-leg with column)
  • Adapter plate + bolt + frame sleeve (if necessary)
  • 4 double swivel castors, 2 of them with brakes,

Central stand available for all motorcycle brands.

The Ducati Panigale has an extra charge of CHF 22.00

At move you have the option of adapting the central stand to the color design of your motorcycle. Choose which sticker color should adorn your black powder-coated stand. Whether blue, orange, white, green or red there is something for everyone. Of course, we also try to make special colors possible. Contact us. Since we don't have new images for every motorcycle, many of the model images are shown in black and white.

Our motto: down the lever - done!
This is how easy it is to lift your motorcycle for service work, changing wheels and for wintering. Thanks to the appropriate translation, neither bikers nor female bikers break a sweat here. The rollers allow you to maneuver your motorcycle quickly on the spot and take the strain off your chassis when it is parked for a long time.

Move central stands are ideal for the garage, workshop or race track use and allow easy jacking up without outside help. Our complete price includes adapter plate, frame sleeve and roller set. We can thus offer you the tried and tested move quality from the machine builder at a top price

Product details:

  • 2-part central stand. The column can be removed from the 3-leg for space-saving transport.
  • Guide bushes for comfortable sliding of the carriage on the column
  • Self-locking / self-locking locking pins for safety even if the lever accidentally slips away.
  • 4 click stops to adjust the height. By adjusting the height of the adapter plate even more variable z. B.
    -> 1 latching step = spring elements relieve but still tire contact
    -> 2 ratchet steps = some ground clearance, ideal when changing tires as only slight lifting is necessary
    -> 3 rest step = all common service work + removal of fork / steering head bearings, mounting of tire warmers, etc.
    -> 4 rest step = idle times / winter rest,
  • Lifting height approx. 15 cm -> after rebound approx. 10 cm ground clearance of the tires
  • Adapter plates can be exchanged quickly and used across all models
  • The angle of the adapter plate can be adjusted when jacked up. The bike can thus be aligned horizontally.
    Ideal for checking fluid levels
  • Dimensions:
    Base approx. 46 x 47 cm
    Total height including castor set 83 cm
  • Weight:
    approx. 16 kg including adapter plate and set of rollers
    approx. 14 kg without roller set
  • Surface:
    Base frame black powder-coated (decor can be selected: blue, orange, white, green, red)
    Adapter plate and guide column galvanized
    Stainless steel bolt and frame sleeve


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