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PZ Racing Start Next Laptimer

Since 50Hz is used, the accuracy of the lap times of one hundredth of a second and a precise visualization of the GPS trajectories are guaranteed.

The boot device uses a touchscreen display with “Glove Sensitive” technology that allows the driver to use the device even with gloves on, while the icon menu makes navigation easy and intuitive. Thanks to the automatic recognition and a global database, the circuit is automatically recognized by the chronometer without having to press a button. Lap times are shown directly on the display. Start Next saves GPS trajectories, speed, direction, acceleration and angle of inclination and enables the driver to study and analyze their performance on the PC. It is possible to connect both models to the Box Expander modules.

Touchscreen: Say goodbye to uncomfortable buttons. Start is equipped with a touchscreen with the "Gloves Sensitive" technology, which also enables use with gloves. The touchscreen makes using Start easy and intuitive thanks to the icon menu.

3 split times: Can manage and record up to three split times.

Ideal Time: Setting Split Times You can check your calculated ideal time by adding the best split times.

Prediction time: From the third lap you will see the predicted time instead of the usual taxi time.

Angle of inclination: Thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, you can display your angle of inclination for each curve without installing additional sensors or accessories on the bike.

Data Acquisition: Start Next enables flight paths and speed counts to be reached by GPS. With the optional expansion module, up to 9 analog and 3 digital channels can be received.

Data Analysis Software: RacePro is the latest state-of-the-art analysis software developed for Start Next. You can analyze the path and power for each individual curve and also analyze all analog and digital channels connected to the lap timer.

Internal Battery: Start comes with an internal rechargeable lithium battery.

Backlit display: All chronometers have a backlit display that can be used in times of poor visibility. By selecting a menu item, it is possible to activate and deactivate the background lighting.

RaceRender function: thanks to the RaceRender program, you can create videos with overlays of data downloaded from your start. Discover RaceRender:

• 50 Hz GPS receiver

• Touchscreen with "Gloves Sensitive" technology

• 1 / 100s precision

• Management of up to 3 intermediate times

• GPS speed visualization

• Ideal time

• Estimated time visualization

• Delay / Reinforcement time compared to the best lap

• Internal triaxial accelerometer

• Storage of values per lap and absolutely best

• 4 GB internal memory

• “Best lap” LED / LED with the best split time / LED with maximum speed / LED with temperature warning

• Gear indicator used (optional)

• Automatic circuit detection

• Global circuit database

• PC setup of a new circuit

• PC software for data analysis

• Integrated lithium battery

• Optional external battery connection

• Automatic shutdown

• Backlight

• Impact protection container

• Waterproof

• Size: 85.6 × 70.5 × 27.6mm

Software for reading out the data is available for download free of charge.

At the moment it can only be used with Windows.

Additional sensors can be purchased in addition to the lap timer, for example to evaluate the chassis and brake pressure.


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