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The name that Suomy has chosen for the new racing helmet says a lot about this innovative model.
The SR-GP was developed in collaboration with Andrea Dovizioso, the official MotoGP rider, and also tested in extreme situations such as the Tourist Trophy 2019. The SR-GP belongs to the top of the Suomy range.
High protection, ergonomics, a fantastic field of vision and a new way of studying aerodynamics are the key words that have breathed life into the SR-GP.

The SR-GP is also completely new in terms of ventilation: the outer shell has channels that ensure a more effective air flow inside the helmet, as well as a special rear spoiler that greatly increases aerodynamic performance and air extraction.


To ensure maximum safety, the helmet must fit snugly and be correctly and securely attached so that it cannot be removed by pulling or turning around the head.
If it is too big, it can slip over the eyes or turn sideways due to movement while driving and thus obstruct the correct view.


The shell is made of TRICARBOCO fiber, a new composite material that makes it possible to obtain a shell that is lighter and at the same time harder and more protective.
The new composite is a mixture of carbon with different weight / breaking loads, combined with aramid resins, which ensure a lighter shell but at the same time a much higher resistance to impact.
To satisfy even the most demanding customers, the SR-GP is made in four different shells: S, M, L and XL

Protective polystyrene

The inner polystyrene lining is made in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) for better ergonomics and variable density. This property enables gradual and progressive absorption of the force generated by the impact. Even if most of the energy generated by the impact is absorbed by the outer shell, the role of the polystyrene, thanks to its deformation, is crucial in absorbing the residual energy.
A different density of the polystyrene allows the mechanical performance of the shell polystyrene to be optimized, whereby a maximum degree of absorption is guaranteed in all areas of the helmet.


The visor is PC-injected, scratch-resistant, optics class 1 with variable thickness. Easy to remove thanks to a tool-free system. The release lever is made of a special metal alloy that gives the assembly greater strength. The visor is also equipped with a "Racing Lock System" locking mechanism made from a metal alloy. This mechanism reduces the possibility of getting loose in the event of an accident.
SR-GP is prepared and equipped with PINLOCK Max Vision 120, the most powerful anti-fogging system on the market.

Restraint system

The chin is equipped with a D-ring retention system that allows the retention system to be easily released.


It is precisely during the hottest Grand Prix that the greatest demands are placed on the driver when it comes to concentration and endurance. The ability to rely on efficient ventilation makes all the difference.
The SR-GP has five air inlet channels that work in conjunction with a cleanly integrated channel system and guarantee excellent airflow in the helmet.
The hot air extraction is a marvel of aerodynamics: two submerged NACA inlets, which, together with the rear spoiler, create a venturi effect above the outlet openings, extract the warm air.


  • ECE 22-05


  • The cheek pads and inner comfort can be removed, washed and replaced.
  • Moves sweat away from the head
  • Keeps you fresh and dry
  • Light fabric, soft and breathable
  • The cheek pads are adjustable and can be easily removed in an emergency thanks to the quick-change system.
  • SR-GP is prepared for the camel bag system.


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